Doopm Trip is an action game.
The object of the game is to collect various fruits. When you collect five pineapples, you will have a bonus chance.

- Controls
Arrow keys         : Move
Space,[Z],A-Button : Rotate circles

- Fruits
Apple, Banana, Melon... Score
Grape... Mochi is generated in 4 directions. Mochi will destroy the enemy.
Pineapple... Bonus Chance begins when collecting 5
Persimmon... Speed up
Pear... The circle is fires. You can rotate circle with Space key.
Cherry... Many fruits are generated when collecting 3
Heart.... Power +1

Tags8-Bit, msx, Retro


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hi there! after congratulating your really great game here, i would humbly ask: how can we embed webmsx into an project page? i tried to embed into , and nothing happened at all... :S 


It seems that external links cannot be embedded in I archived my game files and WebMSX downloaded from GitHub. And I uploaded the archive file to

The following is the file.
You can reuse it by writing your game settings in wmsx.js file.
By the way, CMJN has an interesting game screen. I like it.:)

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thanks for all info! and thanks! :)  (btw, cmjn is still very incomplete, soon i hope evolving it to a true shooter, with decent attack waves and bosses, now it is still way far from it!! :) )